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Dot Matrix LED Signs - Freestanding

Electronic reception totem in unique housing
The sleek and elegant design of the Lobbysign free-standing electronic reception display system make it an impressive piece of office furniture with which to enhance any company's image. The Lobbysign is powder painted in a neutral metallic colour, and the shock resistant plexiglass screen has an anti-reflective surface.

The Lobbysign's striking appearance and your corporate image can both be maximised by applying your own company logo to the optional light box. Your backlit logo becomes an integral part of the electronic display system.

freestanding led

8 lines of text - ideal information board
Text appears on the electronic Lobbysign display 8 lines at one time. This 8 line page of text is timed to the second to make the display easily readable. It can then change to another page, which, depending on the number of lines used, is also timed accordingly. Therefore the major advantage of the Lobbysign electronic sign system is that any number of pages can alternate. And so, with 99 pages of text storage, there is plenty of capacity for programmed information.

Operating the system by keyboard or pc
All Lobbysign electronic signage is simple to operate via keyboard or pc. The keyboard, which is included as standard, makes the peg-board a thing of the past. When fitted with standard specialized software, displays can be programmed, not only by pc but over greater distances via modem. A display in one reception area can show the same information as a display in another reception area. Information may also be programmed to appear on a display at any given time or date enabling operators to programme a single message or a number of messages in advance - an enormous time saver.

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signpic6.jpg (7583 bytes)signpic4.jpg (5732 bytes)

Reliability and durability
Using the latest display technology, the Lobbysign requires no regular maintenance. Thanks to the use of top grade components, the display system is highly durable. Peace of mind is ensured by lobbysign's professional back-up team and 20 years of expertise and unrivalled after-sales service in this industry.


Dot Matrix LED Signs - Wall Mounted

Wall-mounted message, information and notice display boards - by Lobby sign
The wall-mounted Lobbysign is an alternative reception display to the free-standing electronic welcome reception signage produced by our UK company.

The durable wall-mounted display system is supplied with a wall bracket instead of a base stand. The bracket can be easily fitted onto a wall and and the screen can be angled or positioned flat against the wall.

The wall display is operated in the same way as the other Lobbysign LED electronic information signs, via infrared keyboard or from your pc, transmitting information through the comms port or via the network.

Concourses where the robust Lobbysign wall mounted system has proved popular are busy public entrances, walkways, atriums and foyers, where the system can not be removed, damaged or even reached. Typical locations for this information display system would include the university, library, sports club, leisure centre, theme park, school, college, company reception area, conference and meeting venue foyer, theatre and hotel lobby.

wall mounted signwall mounting bracket
wall mounted signwall mounting bracket



LED Sign

Dot Matrix LED Signs - Mobile


The Wheelysign LED electronic display communicates exactly where you want your messages read, whether it be indoors and outside. The high impact LED sign is similar to the totem but on wheels. It greets and informs, can be manoeuvred under doorways, wheeled into lifts, and moved from indoors to outside. Its portability gives it many uses, and it can be easily transported to and around different locations. These can be within schools - primary and secondary, universities, colleges, hotels, corporate, and local government, leisure centres, town halls and libraries. The ability to wheel this system around conference centres and exhibitions gives it great flexibilty.

If this weatherproof IP rated Wheelysign LED needs transporting in a vehicle, it is easily dismantled into three sections which are the screen, the solid supporting rods and the base on wheels. Once moved, it can then be simply re-assembled at a new location. The Wheelysign is solid, robust and professional.

Dot Matrix LED Signs
Dot Matrix LED Signs
Dot Matrix LED Signs
Welcome and greeting messages
on LED display - easily updated
by wireless keyboard

Screen Impact
Using similar technology to the Lobbysign LED, the Wheelysign LED creates maximum impact with its stunning dot matrix display which is elegant and timeless. The high bright LEDs draw people's attention to information displayed professionally and in a layout that is simple to read.

The Wheelysign LED electronic display is the ideal information board. The text, made out of light emitting diodes, draws the onlooker to its message using any number of the 8 lines at one time to convey notices. A page of text is timed to the second to catch attention and make the display easily readable. It can then change to another page, which, depending on the number of lines used, is also timed. And so with any number of pages alternating, and 100 pages of text storage available, there is plenty of scope for targeting your audience.

Directional information page
on LED sign can be interspersed
with other messages

Easy to use by office staff
The Wheelysign electronic signage is simple to operate - text is easily entered, and different combinations of pages are run in a pre-determined order or scheduled with the wireless keyboard. The facility to display specific information at any given time or date enables the operator to programme a single message or a number of messages in advance - which is an enormous time saver.

Programme inside - display outside
The Wheelysign has the huge advantage that it can be programmed inside your building, in comfort, then wheeled outside to display its messages to your audience. It simply plugs into an external power socket.

Reliability and Service

Important notices scheduled to
appear on the LED display at
certain times on specific days
The Wheelysign LED requires no regular maintenance and uses the latest display technology. The display system is highly durable using only top grade components. All our equipment is rigourously tested prior to leaving our factory to ensure maximum reliability. Peace of mind is ensured by lobbysign's professional back-up team and almost 30 years of expertise and unrivalled after-sales service in the visual communications industry.



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