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electronic reception signage

Lobby sign LCD Free Standing Reception Digital Signage Display

The Lobbysign LCD display, the digital alternative to plasma signage, is a complete electronic solution for a welcome and notice board in a reception or lobby.  Examples of reception area locations for the Lobbysign LCD sign are the large and small company, hotel, school, university, college, council, leisure centre, town hall, library, conference and exhibition centre.  Whether the lobby area is high tech contemporary or oak panelling or marbled, the free standing Lobbysign LCD display fits the design or style.

This free standing LCD sign, with its own inbuilt pc, is solid, robust, elegant and professional. It is an electronic display board with a wireless keyboard which is designed to be used by non technical staff, set up and operational in a few minutes.

The Lobbysign LCD reception system is at the forefront of digital signage, combining visual high technology, contemporary elegance and portability. The design of this reception totem board, its impact and ease of use are the essential qualities that make the Lobbysign LCD display an invaluable tool for businesses and organisations to communicate information, messages and notices simply but extremely effectively.

freestanding lcd

Screen Impact
The Lobbysign LCD display board is both a sign and a screen. It gives unique impact to all kinds of information and images displayed. The captivating “Portrait” format of the screen inside the housing, by its nature, focuses peoples’ attention and makes reading and viewing images appealing.

Bespoke and dynamic sequences of pages appear with text either on different coloured backgrounds or blended with any choice of images. Whether it be messages, announcements or events, the simplicity and aesthetic appearance of the Lobbysign LCD electronic display draws the onlooker to its message.

Easy to Operate by Office Staff
The Lobbysign LCD free standing reception simply plugs into the mains,and within a short space of time you are ready to type a message with the wireless keyboard provided. Electronic images can easily be loaded into a USB port at the back of the display, and selected to appear in a sequence, with or without overlaid text messages. The image sequence can be interrupted, new messages easily created with our user friendlys oftware, and other images selected. 

LCD display system is also a PC

The Lobbysign LCD system has an in-built pc which, when the system is switched on, automatically defaults to our own software which has been specially developed for Windows. It is simple to exit our software, at which point the system reverts to the Windows desktop and has the benefits of a pc.

Technology and Service
The Lobbysign free standing display requires no regular maintenance and is highly durable and reliable thanks to the use of the highest quality components. Technological piece of mind is ensured by our professional back-up team, with it's quick response, expertise and unrivalled after-sales service.

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