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electronic reception signage

Free Standing LED Signs - by Lobby sign

Electronic reception totem in unique housing
The sleek and elegant design of the Lobbysign free-standing electronic reception display system make it an impressive piece of office furniture with which to enhance any company's image. The Lobbysign is powder painted in a neutral metallic colour, and the shock resistant plexiglass screen has an anti-reflective surface.

The Lobbysign's striking appearance and your corporate image can both be maximised by applying your own company logo to the optional light box. Your backlit logo becomes an integral part of the electronic display system.

freestanding led

8 lines of text - ideal information board
Text appears on the electronic Lobbysign display 8 lines at one time. This 8 line page of text is timed to the second to make the display easily readable. It can then change to another page, which, depending on the number of lines used, is also timed accordingly. Therefore the major advantage of the Lobbysign electronic sign system is that any number of pages can alternate. And so, with 99 pages of text storage, there is plenty of capacity for programmed information.

Operating the system by keyboard or pc
All Lobbysign electronic signage is simple to operate via keyboard or pc. The keyboard, which is included as standard, makes the peg-board a thing of the past. When fitted with standard specialized software, displays can be programmed, not only by pc but over greater distances via modem. A display in one reception area can show the same information as a display in another reception area. Information may also be programmed to appear on a display at any given time or date enabling operators to programme a single message or a number of messages in advance - an enormous time saver.

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Reliability and durability
Using the latest display technology, the Lobbysign requires no regular maintenance. Thanks to the use of top grade components, the display system is highly durable. Peace of mind is ensured by lobbysign's professional back-up team and 20 years of expertise and unrivalled after-sales service in this industry.



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