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School and College LED message signs and LCD display systems

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In the primary school, secondary school and college manual systems like peg boards for welcoming visitors and parents in reception areas are slowly becoming a thing of the past. They are being replaced by electronic signage displays whilst wall mounted landscape tv's show more teachers tv, sports or music tv, school work presentations and videos.

However, for communicating notices, messages, announcements and bulletins, schools and colleges are moving towards bespoke digital signage, which is more effective at drawing people's attention and actually communicating information. Lobbysign free standing and wall mounted digital signs using LED and LCD screen technology have been introduced to fulfill this purpose. The Lobbysign LED display uses a dot matrix format to display high impact text, whilst on the LobbysignLCD notices and announcements are supported and enhanced by images and video clips.

Now, important information on electronic signs is targeting everyone associated with the school: parents, visitors, teachers and pupils. Parents evenings, welcoming messages, sports day, school plays, teacher changes, bulletins, staff notices, child health issues and parental responsibilities are displayed with visual brilliance great effectiveness.
Regardless of whether the locations for Lobbysign displays be the school refectory, assembly hall, the college sports centre or learning centre, the design of the Lobbysign screens fits well into virtually any environment, and information is effectively displayed to staff and pupils, whilst visitors and parents are made to feel welcome and informed.
The sleek appearance of Lobbysign electronic welcome boards gives a good first impression in the school reception. The Lobbysign free standing totem has a contemporary feel, and its position is usually either near the entrance or set back in the reception, giving greatest possible impact to viewers both close up and at a distance.

In even the smaller reception, there is a place for the wall mounted Lobbysign display board, whose actual LED or LCD screen, contained within the display, remains the same size as that of the free standing displays. Instead, the wall mounted sign fits neatly on a bracket, and can either be angled or positioned flat against a wall.schools

In other areas of the school, where staff and the pupils pass through corridors and walkways Lobbysign LED or LCD digital signage will get across particularly important messages in the second or two of time needed to grasp the attention of passing people. In areas such as refectories, where the digital signs have a captive audience, the portrait style Lobbysign electronic message board holds the attention of students and staff, then communicates continuous notices and information with unrivalled impact.
For both outdoor and indoor notices in schools, the high impact Wheelysign LCD display is the ultimate versatile electronic notice board, as it can be easily manoeuvred on wheels. It communicates simply and effectively to parents dropping of and collecting children, then, once repositioned in the reception, displays notices to visitors. Therefore, in key locations throughout the school and colleges, messages on the Wheelysign LCD are displayed precisely where you want them read.



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