22" Freestanding LCD digital sign

Ideal for small and medium receptions, lobbies and exhibitions

22" Feestanding LCD digital sign

Ideal for small and medium receptions, lobbies and exhibitions

The “phone style” Lobbysign Slim 22 LCD sign is space saving and with high impact.

It leaves a lasting impression with visitors in hotel lobbies, school reception areas, business foyers, exhibitions – wherever a constant flow of visitors need to be informed with visuals, text and videos.

The unique free standing Lobbysign Slim 22, has an integrated brochure rack for leaflets and hand outs. It fits in with any design or size of reception area, and with either a ‘plug and play’ media player or its own inbuilt pc, is easy to use and professional.

The Lobbysign Slim 22 reception system is at the forefront of digital signage, combining visual high technology, contemporary elegance and portability. It’s design and impact are the essential qualities that make it invaluable for communicating simply, but extremely effectively, at head height, and precisely in front of people, where they walk.

Lobbysign Slim 22 LCD Digital sign
Lobbysign Slim 22 LCD Digital sign
Lobbysign Slim 22 LCD Digital sign
Lobbysign Slim 22 LCD Digital sign

Screen Impact

The Lobbysign Slim 22 display board gives unique impact to all kinds of information and images displayed.

Its captivating “Portrait” format of screen attracts attention and makes reading text and viewing images, in high definition, most appealing.

Whether it be text either on different coloured backgrounds or overlaid on images, the brightness, excellent colour and clarity of the Lobbysign Slim 22 screen draws in passers-by.

Plug and Play – easy for Office Staff

Text, images, and videos are loaded into a USB memory stick, which is inserted and locked in the back of the Lobbysign Slim 22 display.

Within a short space of time, your selection of messages appear on the screen.

The sequence runs continuously, in a loop, and can be interrupted at any time, to play the content of a new USB.


Free HDMI Port included in all Plug and Play systems

PC keyboard control option

An alternative to ‘plug and play’, the Lobbysign can be controlled by wireless keyboard or over the network, enabling the operator to enter text directly onto the screen, and format, change fonts, point sizes and colours. Images (jpeg) may be displayed, with or without text overlaid and videos (mpeg, mp4, avi) may run with text or jpeg underneath.

Messages can be scheduled to display at predetermined times, and on specific days

Technology and service

The Lobbysign free standing displays require no regular maintenance and are highly durable and reliable thanks to the use of the highest quality components.Technological piece of mind is ensured by our professional back-up team, with its quick response, expertise and unrivalled after-sales service.


Lobbysign Slim 22 technical specifications

Dimensions: H 1580mm x W 350mm x D 40mm
Base dimensions: W 365mm x D 390mm
Weight: 19kg (with pc 23kg)
Panel type: LG 1080 x 1920 pixels
Housing: Painted Aluminium (black or white)
Op temp: 0 - 40c indoor
Power: 220v – max 60w, with pc max 90w
Sound: 2 x stereo speakers
Media Player USB: Image Format: JPEG, BMP, TIF
Video: MPEG, AVI, MP4, MOV
PC version:

Windows 10, custom Lobbysign software
Image: JPEG Video: MPEG, AVI

Lobbysign Slim LCD 22

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