Office and Corporate

Digital signage has changed the way in which information is communicated in the office and business environment. 

Office and Corporate

Digital signage has changed the way in which information is communicated in the office and business environment. 

LED and LCD reception and office digital signage has changed the way in which information is communicated in the office and business environment. Instead of welcome peg boards, easel displays, flip charts or notices which are usually stuck on walls, reception desks and glass doors, the free standing totem and wall mounted digital sign replace all the clutter of haphazard notices. Now, corporate information is organised, targeted and displayed with visual excellence, thereby revolutionizing office signage.

The sleek design and functionality of Lobbysign electronic welcome boards gives the best first impression in the business reception area, encompassing all variable information from visitor welcoming and meetings to alarm testing, on site health and safety notices, alert states and corporate issues. The free standing Lobbysign display has a contemporary feel, and is positioned either near the office entrance or set back to one side of the reception or near the reception desk.

For smaller office receptions and unattended receptions, the free standing sign has become a focal point, showing corporate images, video clips, notices and announcements, whilst at the same time making visitors feel relaxed and welcome.

In even the smallest reception area, there is a place for the wall mounted Lobbysign LED or LCD greeting board, whose actual display screen remains the same size as that of the free standing displays.

Instead, the wall mounted display fits neatly on a bracket, which can position the screen at an angle or flat against a wall.


In other locations, where staff pass through such as corridors and walkways, the Lobbysign LED electronic sign will convey an important message, in the second or two of time needed to grip the attention of passers by. At meeting points and restaurants where staff and contractors congregate, Lobbysign electronic message displays and notice boards will draw in and hold the attention of onlookers, then convey important bulletins and information with great impact.

Whether the locations for Lobbysign displays be receptions or other areas of large and small corporate buildings, serviced office blocks or older traditional establishments, the Lobbysign screens blend into any environment, and effectively deliver information to staff, whilst visitors are made to feel welcome and informed.